Madonna with child of Bernardino Luini

Madonna with child playing with lamb and St. John

Copy of Bernardino Luini's fresco depicting the Madonna and child with St. John, located in the Church of Santa Maria degli Angioli (right next to the hotel).
The fresco from the beginning of the 1500s is now in the baptismal chapel next to the main nave where the tomb for the remains of Monsignor Lachat was erected. It is interesting to note that Monsignor Lachat, Archbishop of Damiata and Apostolic Administrator in the Canton of Ticino, became the owner in 1886 of the 3-storey building that stood in place of the Hotel International au Lac, as evidenced by the deed of that time, available at the following link:  Scan doc 202.1-201.17

Bernardino Luini (1480/82 - 1532), originally from the Italian shores of Lake Maggiore, was an Italian painter, of the Lombard Renaissance school, attributable to the group of Leonardeschi.


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