Garden and Swimming pool


Relax, recharge and enjoy the sun

After a refreshing dip in the pool and a while relaxing in the sun, not only will you have a wonderful night's sleep, you'll also dream the sweetest of dreams.

Our sun terrace and garden at the rear of the hotel create an oasis of calm in the bustling centre of the town.

For additional entertainment we also have table tennis and giant outdoor chess.

Since 2019, our swimming pool has an environmentally friendly water disinfection system, which uses electrolysis to produce the active disinfecting ingredient simply from common salt.

  • No red eyes
  • no unpleasant chlorine smell
  • no skin irritations

are the great advantages over the usual chemical product-based processes (chlorine gas or liquid chlorine).

This renewal of our water disinfection system is an investment of several tens of thousands of francs in Swiss technology for the sake of physical well-being of our customers and the environment.