New Double Classic from 2024 - discover now!

All double 'Classic' rooms completely renovated during the winter months between November 2023 and February 2024.

After 114 intense days of construction, we are pleased to announce that the renovations have been completed! From demolition to the final stage of finishing, every moment was driven by the passion and commitment of the entire team in order to create welcoming and comfortable rooms for our guests. We are excited to present our new fully renovated 'Classic Double' rooms.
A warm thank you to all the craftsmen who made it possible to welcome our guests as early as Easter weekend 2024.

Follow our ongoing saga of renewal and enjoy the next chapter of our hotel's story, where history meets innovation, and every demolished brick heralds the dawn of a splendid future.


Every brush stroke, every touch, brings life to our new rooms. As we dive into the final details, colors take shape and spaces transform into welcoming places for our guests. We look forward to unveiling our fully renovated 'Classic Double' rooms, ready to warmly welcome those who walk through our doors. Soon, our renovation project will be completed.


The talented workers raise the walls, and with the experts we finalize the details of what is yet to come; our Raphael is already taking reservations for the start of the coming season.


From the echoes of demolished walls to the dance of sparks, reconstruction takes center stage. In this further video we reveal the transformative journey where the void is shaped into a promising space.


Marvel at the astonishing progress as not just walls, but entire structural floors give way to the future. The once bustling wing now stands emptied, embracing the evolution – where every demolished floor echoes the promise of rejuvenated rooms.


When the old walls fall, we create the future, and we tell you about it step by step. Follow the demolition of the attic here: the renovation kick-off in our exciting journey to refurbish our hotel rooms!


Follow the preparations at the start of the construction site here:

Follow planning and construction developments here:

Genius Loci is a term in architecture that defines the ability to capture the essence of a place and give it resonance through architectural design.

The atmosphere at the International au Lac, with its antique furniture, artwork and high spaces, gives the property a unique atmosphere that we aim to preserve and recreate in the rooms as well. The room renovation project harmoniously combines the historic charm of the century-old building with modern living comfort. To name just one example we pair a frescoed ceiling with state-of-the-art comfort in the bathroom.


Nuova camera classic, rinnovata nel 2024 


Bagno camere classic, rinnovate nel 2024

We can't wait to show you the results!
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