For over a hundred years we have been working with an eye to the territory and the society we are in. The commitment to sustainable development, both in the environmental and social sphere, is an integral part of our corporate philosophy.


CO₂ emissions reduction of 47.5% thanks to technology

During the total refurbishment of the hotel's heating plant in winter of 2017-18, 3 large stratified heat storage tanks with a volume of 2'000 l each were installed. Instead of the two modular boilers, fresh water stations based on the principle of continuous flow have been implemented; these draw the heat from the heat storage tanks and thereby break the power peaks of the new gas condensing boilers.
The aim of the stratified heat storage tanks is to preheat the water from the waste-heat produced by the hotel’s refrigeration systems (air-conditioning, cold-rooms and freezer-rooms) and, if necessary, to support the heating.


Hygienic warm water in drinking water quality

Thanks to the newly installed fresh water stations based on the principle of continuous flow, the drinking water is heated only when it is required. Hot water storage is therefore not necessary and consequently any risk of Legionella is excluded.


Award for energy efficiency and climate protection

act Agency Cleantech of Switzerland, the office that coordinates and supports the network of energy specialists in Switzerland, confirms that Hotel International au Lac has signed a commitment to climate protection and an agreement through to 2025 with the Swiss Confederation. Through its efforts, the Hotel International au Lac contributes to increasing energy efficiency and protecting the environment in our country.

See the award


100% renewable energy from hydropower

The Hotel International au Lac has entered into a supply contract concerning the provision of electricity from 100% renewable energy from hydropower, valid for the five-year period 2017-2022.

Hydro Power Certificate


Hygiene and Sustainability

When it comes to cleaning, Hotel International au Lac also focuses on sustainability with the use of ecological cleaning products made in Switzerland. These are readily biodegradable, VOC-free and contain no environmentally-critical ingredients to protect soil, water and air. The most effective cleaning-active substances bring freshness and cleanliness, which meets the highest demands of professional users.


Environmentally friendly pool-water disinfection

Since 2019, our swimming pool has an environmentally friendly water disinfection system, which uses electrolysis to produce the active disinfecting ingredient simply from common salt. This renewal of our water disinfection system is an investment of several tens of thousands of francs in Swiss technology for the sake of physical well-being of our customers and the environment. 


The legislation of our municipality prevents the installation of solar panels

The second phase of our project to reduce CO₂ emissions, based on a photovoltaic and solar thermal concept, has come to an abrupt halt due to the municipal zoning plan that prohibits the installation of solar panels in the historical city district. This law, which dates back to the last century, prevents us from making a partial energy transition from gas to solar thermal and from supplementing our hotel's electricity needs with electricity from photovoltaics.

Read here the correspondence with the city Municipality