Centenary museum

In 2006, the Hotel International au Lac Lugano celebrated its centenary in style by installing a small museum on the first floor. Stories, objects and emotions from a family and their hotel, which proudly showcase aspects of one hundred years of history and make them available to guests.

In honour of the Hotel International au Lac's official centenary celebration on 27 April 2006, Roberto Schmid traced back the most important stages in the history of the family's hotel. He went out of his way to underscore the vision as well as the contribution made by each generation over the course of the last century. Over time, the Hotel International au Lac has invested a great deal in adapting to the changing needs of its customers, and the 100-year anniversary is perhaps the best possible recognition of the countless decisions to pursue constant growth and improvement.

Today it is fair to say that these successive modernisation efforts have been specifically responsible for securing Hotel International au Lac's position on the Lugano market, and for its unique status as the only hotel in the centre of Lugano and on the lakefront to have its own underground parking and garden with a pool and terrace.

The "golden brick"
It's an award with a number of meanings, and is bestowed by the younger generation on the older.
The 4th generation of Alessandra and Roberto Schmid, in the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Lugano, Mr. Erasmo Pelli, and Mr. Fernando Brunner, President of Hotelleriesuisse Ticino, wanted to present their parents – in particular father Giulio – with a golden brick in recognition of their ongoing efforts to solidify and build on the hotel's foundations, not only in a figurative sense but also in day-to-day life.
For Alessandra and Roberto, the great-grandchildren of the hotel's founder, the golden brick is also intended to convey another meaning: the laying of the first brick in this, the second century of the hotel's history!
We wish the Schmid family all the very best. May the golden brick (now on display in the museum) also be a good omen for a future full of fulfilment and important goals.