Galleria degli Amici

Alice Schmid-Disler (*1906 - †1990), 2nd generation of the owner-managers' family and daughter of the hotel founder, loved to maintain friendly relations with artists and painters from all over Europe. In order to share her most treasured works with hotel guests, she set up the Galleria degli Amici (Gallery of Friends) in the corridor leading from the second floor to the garden.

Between 1978 and 1983, in collaboration with the master painters Prof. Thomas F. Dürr (*1931 - †2009) and Prof. Karl W. von Hagenlocher (*1909 - †2008), the Hotel International au Lac hosted the "Ferien-Mal-Akademien" (holiday painting academies), i.e. weeks dedicated to painting with participants mainly from Germany, who under the motto "painters see Lake Lugano" immortalized the beautiful landscapes of our region on canvas. Various works from these painting academies are on display in the Galleria degli Amici.

"Im Hotel International Gemälde und Musikdarbietungen" & Incidente diplomatico..., 10,3MB - Deutsch/ Italiano
Südschweiz, 1983

"Malschulen unterwegs im Luganersee", 1,6MB - Deutsch
Südschweiz, 1982

"5 Jahr Stuttgarter Malschulen in Lugano", 4,0MB - Deutsch
Südschweiz, 1982

"Malkurs erfolgreich abgeschlossen", 8,2MB - Deutsch
Südschweiz, 1981

"Wieder Malkurs in Lugano", 4,0MB - Deutsch
Südschweiz, 1980

"Malkurs im Luganersee", 2,0MB - Deutsch
Südschweiz, 1980

"Sehen - Schauen - Malen", 4,4MB - Deutsch
Südschweiz, 1979