All Roads lead to Ticino

The journey itself is the destination.

There are many ways without stress and traffic jams to reach Ticino and discover amazing scenic routes, from glaciers to palm trees.

Gotthard Pass

Take a 20 minutes extra time and pass over the St. Gotthard pass road from Göschenen through Andermatt. Discover the heart of the Swiss Alps where the sources of four major rivers go on to flow towards four different directions: north the Reuss, the Rhine to the east, south the Ticino and the Rhone to the west. The “Tremola” is the historic pass-road, which is worth a little detour from the top, direction south to Motto Bartola.

San Bernardino Pass

This fast route offers an interesting alternative to the Gotthard. On the north side the Viamala Gorge is worth a stop by nice weather. Even Swiss people, who are accustomed to the mountain landscapes, are impressed by this deep cut gorge enclosed by steep rock walls.

Lukmanier Pass

This step is definitely, by good weather, the most beautiful scenic journey. From the Abbey of Disentis to the Ticino villages in Blenio Valley, take a good look around, there is much to discover.

Nufenen Pass

One of the highest pass-roads of Switzerland which connects the Valais to the Ticino regions. By bad weather you can encounter snow on the peak even in summer…

Simplon and Centovalli

This route will take you over Domodossola in Italy. In addition to the extraordinary mountain landscape of the Simplon, the Centovalli and the Santuario del Re are worth discovering. Travel tip: the Centovalli road is very narrow and therefore it’s highly recommended to drive with caution and preferably small cars.