NEW from 2020: Completely renovated Rooms


Construction works proceed swiftly, have a look
The new rooms will be ready by spring 2020

We're well underway. Here's a look at the last few weeks of work...


Get a glimpse of our renovation works (Feb. '20):


and into the demolition phase (November 2019):


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The last stage of a renewal project started in 2013 of CHF 6.6 million

During the winter months, from November 2019 to March 2020, we will implement the second stage of the total renovation of the rooms on the 3rd and 4th floor.  The structures, plant engineering and interior design will be completely renovated.

With this total investment of CHF 6.6 million, including the first stage of the rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors, the renovation of the heating plant and the conservative restoration of the dome and facade and of our historic building, we will have completed an important renovation project of our hotel.

The objectives that the Schmid family, owner of the hotel since 1906, wants to achieve, are to improve the comfort of the rooms, following a concept that fits well into the historical context of the building and optimize energy efficiency.


Our construction philosophy

The decoration of the common areas, characterized by antique furniture, art objects and the height of the ceilings, gives the building a unique atmosphere that we strive to maintain. We aim to be a historic hotel but not an old one; we combine the historical "flair" of the centenary palace with the comfort of today's living; we strive to manage our hotel in a familiar but professional way putting the customer at the center of our business.

We carefully evaluate the comfort, usability and intuitive operation of each component of the room.

We choose to work with local craftsmen who know our hotel and its peculiarities. We take into account the advice of the craftsmen who often are the result of experience in the field that we are pleased to take advantage of.


Works management: Arch. Stefano Tajana, Lugano
The designers: Krucker Partner AG "Räume für Gäste", Rothenburg
Financial support: Swiss Hotel Credit Corporation Zurich
and Office for Economic Development (LTur) Bellinzona